Let’s Choose The Training That Best Fits Your Wants And Needs

As player developers, we are architects.

We give the blueprint for success, and the athlete follows the plan and does the work.

Our training isn’t focused on the fancy drills that draw ooh’s and awe’s, but developing skill that is immediately transferable to a game.

All student-athletes are put in classes with similar skill level. ​

Look at our programs below to see which one is the right fit for your student-athlete.​​

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To Your Success,

Myson Jones

Private Training

Contact myson@hoopsinstitute.com

​​Length ranges from 60-90 minutes. ​

This is very hands-on training.​

The coaches often jump in and play against the student-athlete to give them something more than a cone or a chair.​

Now, your son/daughter doesn’t have to wonder “what should I work on today?”

Our coaches will evaluate and give ample feedback via film for the student-athlete to study, practice  and master in-between each private session. 

That way, the athlete develops faster, and the parent gets the most out of each dollar and minute spent. 

 Group Basketball Training


(Payments made every two months)​

60 minutes/hr. 
A group option, being that it holds other athletes accountable, and gives encouragement during workouts. 
This is the best opportunity for athletes to have game-like simulation with other live bodies in attendance.​​

We always keep a student:teacher ratio of 8:1. 
The class begins will skill development, but finishes with game enhancement.​

That’s just a fancy way of saying, we’re producing “monsters” that can apply what they learn, not “robots,” that know a few cool tricks.

Basketball Training + Speed & Agility


60 minutes/hr. 
Unlimited speed and agility and 8 basketball workouts per month.
Sometimes, the main differentiation between student-athletes isn’t just their skill level, it’s their athleticism. 

This package not only helps with basketball skill development, but it helps prepare the athlete to maximize every fiber of  their athleticism.​

This package is also key for injury prevention.​

This is the complete package for an athlete, and is highly recommended if you have a serious hooper in the household. ​